Writing Characters: Six Quick Tips to Elevate Your Fictional Friends

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? While answers may very on this one, there’s a comparable question in the storytelling world that I firmly believe has a singular response.

What’s more important, plot or characters?

Alpha Readers, Beta Readers and Critique Partners, OH MY! What’s the difference? (and why you should know)

The further I get into this author journey, the more questions I get asked. Don’t get me wrong, I love answering questions and engaging in any conversation related to writing. There are just some questions that come up more frequently than others—and oftentimes they inspire a blog post.

Optimize Your Amazon Sales: The Four Critical Components of a Book Description

In 2020, Amazon joined the $1 trillion market cap club. It’s a dominant commerce platform and a true marketing powerhouse. And it’s every author’s dream to become the next best-seller with Amazon’s coveted little orange tab.

Your fiction novel: Five things your first chapter simply must do  

The most edited page of an entire manuscript is the very first. The first page has a tremendous amount of responsibility. Not only does it set the tone and mood for the full novel, but it also must immediately hook the reader in a compelling—and sometimes showstopping—manner.

When a blank page looks back: Six USEFUL tips for combatting writer’s block  

I cannot pretend that there are not already a million and two blogs in existence on how to combat writer’s block. A quick Google search will generate thousands of (some really absurd) ideas, all of which are meant to help you break through that blank page.

Book Hooks: How to Snag a Reader (Hook, Line & Sinker)

What you think might snag a reader may turn out to just be a tiny nibble. And what you need is the hook, line, and sinker. Keep fishing until you get a bite.

So, You Want to be a Better Writer? 5 Quick Tips to Help You Show, Not Tell.

Originally appeared on the Burning Soul Press Blog 4.4.22 Everyone thinks they can write a book. How hard can it be, right? You sit down, you plot out a story, break it down chapter by chapter, and then start typing – and eventually you have yourself a book. Well sure, that’s one approach! But letContinue reading “So, You Want to be a Better Writer? 5 Quick Tips to Help You Show, Not Tell.”

Beta Reading: It’s More Than, “Did You Like It?”

“Your mom is not a beta reader; she will not provide you with critical feedback because… well, she’s your mom!” Picture it. It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. After days – weeks – months – maybe even years, you’re ready to type THE END on your manuscript. And while I want you to revelContinue reading “Beta Reading: It’s More Than, “Did You Like It?””