The top 15 “must-have” items every author needs for a book signing

“Reflecting back on some of my first book signing events, I can recall how clueless and unprepared I felt.” About a week ago, I was fortunate to be an attending author at Books by the Arch, an event for avid readers in the heart of the Midwest. As I set up my table, I metContinue reading “The top 15 “must-have” items every author needs for a book signing”

10 Tips to Maximize Your Author Presence on Instagram

I’m not an expert. And let’s be real, the Instagram platform changes so frequently that anyone claiming to hold the “expert” title is likely full of bologna. That said though, I am an active daily user of Instagram and have been for about three years. I started my author journey writing in contemporary romance back in 2020 (but my day job literally pays me to post on Instagram for a state university).

5 books that will both shatter and stitch your heart

I’m an avid reader. Like most authors, it’s only natural to want to consume words, stories, plots, and characters written by others. Reading books (quite obviously) helps me learn and teaches me ways to better write my own stories. As an author of contemporary romance, I gravitate toward the genre. And when I find something I like, all I want to do is consume more.

Optimize Your Amazon Sales: The Four Critical Components of a Book Description

In 2020, Amazon joined the $1 trillion market cap club. It’s a dominant commerce platform and a true marketing powerhouse. And it’s every author’s dream to become the next best-seller with Amazon’s coveted little orange tab.

Launch Your Book: 5 Cornerstone Strategies for a Successful Release Day

Launch days are stressful. There’s really no other word for it. As an author, I know firsthand how many weeks, months, and sometimes years go into writing a book. Not to mention the oftentimes LONG wait for publication if you take the traditional path.

Did you write a book? Then you need a digital press kit.  

A digital press kit is a central hub for all the pertinent details about your book. It’s an easy to navigate clickable link that’ll allow any member of the media to access the most needed information at the drop of a hat.

Book Hooks: How to Snag a Reader (Hook, Line & Sinker)

What you think might snag a reader may turn out to just be a tiny nibble. And what you need is the hook, line, and sinker. Keep fishing until you get a bite.

From Manuscript to Printed Book: the Evolution of Marketing Practices

“You’re just an Instagram post away from finding an ideal reader – not busting out a ballad in the public square.” Goodreads. Book Bub. Story Origin. Book Funnel. If you’re in the book world and giving it a go at marketing your own books, these apps, accounts, and subscriptions are nothing new to you. Oh,Continue reading “From Manuscript to Printed Book: the Evolution of Marketing Practices”