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I Loved You Yesterday

“This book is an idyllic new age, romantic work of fiction with imperfectly perfect characters. Mavis, Austin, and Josh are complex, and the author does an impeccable job weaving the web of external conflict. But what’s even more appealing, is the internal struggles each one of them face.”
― Tarun Kumar, Bookstagrammer, Blogger & Book Reviewer @his_book_threads

“I Loved You Yesterday by Julie Navickas is a contemporary romance that will entertain readers with beautiful narrative and a spicy love triangle. Mavis, Joshua, and Austin are simply put—enchanting. While the story mostly revolves around the complexities of love, what I liked most about the plot was the evolution and growth of each main character. It was more than just a typical romance. This story explored love in the highest form as well as the nature of human error… and the consequences that follow.”
― Nancy Jacob, Bookstagrammer & Book Reviewer @reads.nancy

“I Loved You Yesterday is written with raw emotion and digs deep into the complexities of love. The author does an astounding job of bringing love’s forbidden fruit to the surface­—each bite a true tease that’ll keep you turning pages until the very last.”
― Jennifer Jacob, Bookstagrammer & Book Reviewer @reads_jennifer

“I am the kind of reader who occasionally likes to read a romantic drama or fiction, but only when I find the storyline to be fresh, innovative, or something I haven’t quite read before. And this book fits this description perfectly. I loved the character development of Mavis throughout the book. The author gave her ample space to grow and lead the entire plot from a satisfying start to finish. I Loved You Yesterday is extremely well written and absolutely leaves the reader wanting more. Good thing book two in the trilogy releases soon!”
― Komal Mehta, Bookstagrammer & Digital Creator @she_reads_and_promote

“I Loved You Yesterday is a phenomenal read. Debut contemporary romance novelist, Julie Navickas, has done an incredible job and I could not recommend this first book in the Trading Heartbeats trilogy more.”
― Books for Badal, Bookstagrammer & Book Reviewer @booksforbadal

“I couldn’t put this book down. The echoes of Mavis and Josh’s childhood romance captivated me from the start and kept me invested until the last page. I cried. I cheered. And I couldn’t reach the end fast enough, desperate to see their second chance at a happily-ever-after unfold. Book one in this trilogy was an emotional journey and I cannot wait to see what the author does to continue the story in book two.”
― Rachel Jackson, Bookstagrammer & Book Reviewer @reads.rachel

The author’s focused and engaging writing style will make you fall in love with the characters. The narration pulled me in from the first page, and I felt like I was part of their lives, watching everything unravel as the truth and the heartbreak played out.”
― BookTalk with F., Blogger & Bookstagrammer @booktalkopedia 

“Book one in the Trading Heartbeats trilogy is a romance that knows no age. It’s a story about love that knows no separation. Riddled with secrets, raw emotions, and deep connections, this book is a heart-pounding read that’ll keep you turning pages. Love wins in the end… but the question is, just for who?”
― Emilee Jackson, Bookstagrammer & Bookworm @read.with.emilee

“When I started reading, I Loved You Yesterday, I immediately fell in love with the writing style. It was simple, yet beautiful, and really pulled me into the story from the first page.”
― Read Rat, Bookstagrammer, Writer, & Book Reviewer @sm_reads1

“This book worked really well for me. I was looking for something that would make me gasp and keep me guessing. And I Loved You Yesterday delivered. I didn’t know until the final pages which couple would reign, but I was rooting for Austin until the final plot twist. In just two days, I consumed all 280 pages. Captivated from the first chapter, I knew this was going to be a five-star read. I loved every character, the plot, the twists, and the suspense.”
― Nancy Jacob, Bookstagrammer & Book Reviewer @reads.nancy

“The characters are complex and the story itself is an emotional roller coaster that will make readers feel elated one moment and heartbroken the very next. It’s a beautiful story of true love, that will make you want to cherish your loved ones even more.”
― Books for Tanmay, Blogger, Writer, & Bookstagrammer @booksfortanmay

“If you like romance, a bit of spice, and are in need of an escape, pick up I Loved You Yesterday. Grab a cup of coffee, wrap up in your favorite blanket, and get ready to be whisked into the world of Mavis trying to navigate the sometimes stormy waters of finding true love.”
― Marcia Bufalo Juarez, Author of Leaving Yesterday Behind

“The first book in the Trading Heartbeats trilogy, this book is a whirlwind of emotions. All characters were beautifully well-written, and they really brought out emotions that felt realistic and honest.”
― BookTalk with F., Blogger & Bookstagrammer @booktalkopedia 

“The plot, emotional barriers, societal pressures, responsibilities, and serene love… everything did this romantic story justice. I adore how the author expresses emotion for all the characters involved. She does so in a beautiful and mesmerizing way. Every character is well-developed and described.”
― Read Rat, Bookstagrammer, Writer, & Book Reviewer @sm_reads1

“I Loved You Yesterday sets itself apart from other romances with the beautiful characters that are Mavis, Josh, and Austin – not to mention, their remarkable love triangle that will leave you swooning for more. I couldn’t recommend this book more.”
― Shelby Holt, Author of The Girl Who Dreamnt of Cornelia Street

“It’s a great weekend read if you’re looking for a heartwarming story of love, forgiveness, and hope. Time can never barricade love; it transcends to a higher place. I really enjoyed it and I cannot wait to read the other two books in this fabulous trilogy.”
― BookTalk with F., Blogger & Bookstagrammer @booktalkopedia

“I would recommend this book to any romance reader who enjoys the love triangle, secret pregnancy, or second chance love trope. The story is written simply, yet elegantly, and is sure to kick-start your summer reading list. Get your copy today, because there’s more to come in the Trading Heartbeats trilogy!”
― Nancy Jacob, Bookstagrammer & Book Reviewer @reads.nancy

“I Loved You Yesterday is unique in that it’s told from multiple points of view, offering the reader a firsthand look into each character’s psyche—and the layers of emotional baggage each carry. The plot is fresh and the character development unparalleled to others in the genre. Overall, it’s a truly engrossing tale with a fresh pinch of contemporary romance. I highly recommend it!”
― Tarun Kumar, Bookstagrammer, Blogger & Book Reviewer @his_book_threads

“I Loved You Yesterday is a contemporary romance that supersedes boundaries with both drama and passion… and I have not yet seen a better combination of the two on the printed page. If you’re looking for a story fueled by the complexities of love, loyalty, and lust, look no further than this book!”
― Grace Jackson, Bookstagrammer & Bookworm @reads.grace

“I Loved You Yesterday is fast paced with plot twists all over. I assure you, once you get into this book, you can’t put it down without finishing it. I absolutely enjoyed reading this story and cannot wait for more books from this fantastic author.”
― Read Rat, Bookstagrammer, Writer, & Book Reviewer @sm_reads1

“I Loved You Yesterday is a steamy love triangle, wrought with emotional turmoil, secret desires, and stolen kisses. The writing is simply captivating, and the plot had me engrossed from the early pages. I can’t speak more highly of the smooth narrative style and the witty dialogue. It made every character feel real and completely relatable. Fast paced and full of drama, I could not recommend this book more if you’re a reader of romance.”
― Books for Badal, Bookstagrammer & Book Reviewer @booksforbadal

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