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The Trading Heartbeats Trilogy

Book 1: I Loved You Yesterday

Available for $3.49 eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, or KOBO!

You never forget your first love.

Joshua Templeton married the wrong woman. Tess Browning was never meant to be his wife. He never should have said I do – but… she also never should have slept with the neighbor.

When divorce shatters the illusion of perfection, Josh reels from the mistakes he’s made, retreating into the past to determine where it all went wrong. But when an old letter from long-lost, high school sweetheart Mavis Benson reappears, the real search for answers begins.

Ten years before, Mavis vanished from his life. The desire to finally learn the truth ignites a fire in Josh, and her memory catapults him on a journey to uncover the mystery behind why she left. But one thing is certain – the last place he ever expected to find her… was in his brother’s bed.  

Book 2: I Love You Today

Available for $3.99 eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books or KOBO!

Because when you least expect it… and when you’re least ready for it… love happens.

Casey McDaniels lacked direction, spending the better part of her youth, boyfriend hopping, partying, and bartending – her dreams, career ambitions, and education put on the backburner in favor of a social life and steady paycheck… that is, until a new lawyer moves into town.

When sexy, smart, and brokenhearted Austin Templeton relocates from Los Angeles to Chicago, Casey can’t help but put her former lifestyle aside in favor of the sweet romance that erupts between them. Finding more than just her heart set ablaze, Austin’s own professional ambition ignites a fire beneath her – pushing her forward into uncharted territory.

But one thing’s for sure… his career will always come first. When an unexpected promotion threatens to take him back to California, Casey reels, forced to choose between the man who captured her heart and the newfound path to success he led her down.

With her heart torn down the middle, Casey leaves the choice in Austin’s hands. After all, what’s more important? A job… or love?

Book 3: I’ll Love You Tomorrow

Available for $3.99 eBook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books or KOBO!

Las Vegas… is just the right amount of wrong.

Mitch Benson never expected to file for divorce. After serving two tours of duty in the United States Navy, he returns home to Los Angeles, ready to elope with the love of his life, Lauren Templeton—united in marriage beneath the dusty, plastic-flowered archway of a Las Vegas wedding chapel. 

But seven years later, their Sin City marriage seems more like a mirage. Mitch believes the writing is on the wall that his country-club caliber wife settled for a blue-collar carpenter. His career aspirations and the love of his life are slipping away. 

Amidst the wreckage, an unexpected connection with a childhood enemy, blossoms. Confused and conflicted, Mitch lays all his cards on the table, ready to make the wager of a lifetime. The question is… which hand should he bet on? Love… or lust?

The Clumsy Little Hearts Trilogy

Book 1: Trusting Love

Trusting Love will release January 16, 2024!

Tess Browning earned the nickname Little Vixen for a reason. And she has no
incentive to play by the rules anymore because, why bother? All it ever did was trap her in a loveless marriage. Tossing faithfulness out the window, the only thing she is committed to now is her new code: keeping it fun, flirty, and deliciously sultry.

That is, until Ryan Prescott walks in and charms his way into her heart with a leather tool belt strapped around his waist. He’s sexy, smart, and as emotionally damaged as they come. And Ryan seemingly wants nothing more than to have Tess pick up the pieces of his broken heart.

But there’s one thing he doesn’t know about her. When the details of Ryan’s past heartache come to light, Tess digs her hot pink heels into the ground and will stop at nothing to hide her past indiscretions from the man who stole her heart. Because if there’s one thing Ryan won’t tolerate—it’s dishonesty. Will Tess manage to keep the truth hidden? Or, will the secrets of a lifetime shatter her one true chance at love?

Book 2: Finding Love

Finding Love will release June 13, 2024!

Rachel Prescott has always dated the wrong men. Each relationship begins with hope, but within months ends with “nope.” The harder she tries, the harder she fails. That is, until the new owner of Pier Ninety-Two, Miguel Rodriguez, spots her wallowing over her latest dating disaster in his restaurant.  

Easily smitten with the brown-haired beauty, Miguel offers her his heart. Or at least, what’s left of it. Because Miguel has had his own troubled past finding the right woman. With the echo of lost love still haunting his heart, he convinces himself he’s ready to move on—and who better with than the spunky, sexy, and strong-willed, Rachel Prescott?

Over a bottle of wine (or two), Miguel and Rachel instantly connect. And by the end of the evening, it’s more than their shared plate of mushroom ravioli left steaming.