Are You Ready to Publish Your Book? Optimize Your Success and Publish at the Right Time of Year

“And with that shift, new trends are on the rise. But one thing that has not changed is the seasonal approach to the way books are published.”

The traditional publishing industry has taken a wild turn. Largely impacted by former President Trump’s era of “fake news”, publishers have had to pivot and find their new place in the world post COVID-19 (well, let’s be real here… the pandemic is far from over, but we’re learning to live with it). With self-publishing on the rise and new resources accessible at any author’s fingertips, publishing as we once knew it has shifted.

And with that shift, new trends are emerging. But one thing that has not changed is the seasonal approach to the way books are published. So, if you’re on the cusp of publishing, be smart. Be strategic. And know the optimum timeframe to release your work into the world:

Winter (January/February/March)

There are certain topics that resonate when the New Year rolls around, so if you’re writing:

  • Self-help
  • Inspirational
  • Memoir
  • Thought Leadership
  • Health
  • Wellness

Nonfiction writers, this is the optimal time to release your work. Readers seek these topics when goal setting is on the mind. Strike while the iron is hot, so they say!

Spring (April/May)

It’s Mother’s Day. And then it’s Father’s Day. And books make for popular gifts. If you’re writing:

  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Children’s stories

Try and publish in the spring and capitalize on the gift giving season.

Summer (June/July)

Fun Fact! Did you know the publishing industry is virtually non-existent in the summer months? If you’re publishing in the summer, you likely won’t see much competition. But you also won’t see many book buyers.

Fall (August/September/October/November)

Calling all fiction writers! Fall is your time to publish! 40% of all book sales happen here, with big name authors typically publishing in September and October. If you’re a newer, relatively unknown author, avoid publishing at this time if you’re not ready to compete with Stephen King or Nora Roberts. Newer fiction authors are best served publishing in August or November.

And there you have it! While this list is absolutely not exhaustive, it does provide a bit of guidance for those of you questioning when the best time to publish your book is.

***Bonus Fun Fact***

According to NPD Books (which tracks all print sales), 98% of books do not sell more than 5,000 copies in the United States.

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