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Social Media Strategy: 3 Simple Ways to Jumpstart Your Author Presence

First Appeared on the Burning Soul Press Blog 9.21.21 

“Building a social media strategy doesn’t have to be intimidating.”

You’re in the throes of writing your book: first drafts… edits… revisions… you name it. And now you have to think about how to market and sell your book to your ideal reader.

Building your social media strategy doesn’t have to be intimidating – it doesn’t even have to be time consuming. The trick is learning how to develop a sustainable strategy that works for you. Because the reality is… you have to have a presence on social media to remain relevant in the conversation.

Read on to learn the 3 key strategies to jumpstart your author presence on social media:  

First, Pick your Platform:

Second, Engage with your Audience:

Third, Post your Content:

To jumpstart the organic social media growth you seek, follow these strategies. And have fun! Afterall, it’s about the journey – not the end result.

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